Community Employment

Southside Partnership DLR has been operating the PICES Community Employment Scheme since 1998 with over 200 individuals participating in the programme to date.


(Partnership Integrated Community Employment Scheme)

Southside Partnership DLR has been operating the PICES Community Employment Scheme since 1998 with over 200 individuals participating in the programme to date.

Staff are currently based in 10 different locations within the Dún Laoghaire Rathdown area, supporting a range of community based projects and support agencies.



Work Experience

The scheme enables individuals to re-enter the active workforce by breaking the cycle of unemployment through quality work experience, and assisting them to progress into (i) further employment (ii) further education or (iii) setting up with own business with the assistance of the enterprise supports available from Southside Partnership DLR.

During their time on PICES, staff members develop personal and work skills, achieved through on-the-job training, internal and external work experience placements and training programmes offered through the Southside Partnership DLR and through external training funded by the Department of Social Protection training grant.



Each member of staff is encouraged to develop their skills and a professional work ethic during their time on the scheme. Individual training is organised following a detailed training needs analysis and is reviewed on a regular basis. All staff are encouraged to participate in accredited training courses to develop their work readiness and enhance their CV’s. 



PICES staff members are provided with the opportunity to link in with a range of supports while on the scheme, including the Local Employment Service for job seeking support, the Enterprise Department for self-employment support and the Adult Guidance Service for educational support.

Weekly job lists are distributed to each staff member and a progression plan is formulated with the scheme supervisor.

Despite the current economic climate the PICES CE scheme has maintained a very high progression rate (80% in 2015), the majority of these individuals progressing to work, and some returning to full time education.

The scheme supports the local community by enhancing the work that takes place in community centres, family resource centres and support agencies, and benefits the individual by supporting them back to work or education.


To find out more about our current CE vacancies, or for more information on Community Employment in general, please contact our CE Supervisor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone 01 284 2404. 

PICES Staff Testimonials

Since working with PICES I have gained so much confidence, I had never worked in an office and had no experience working with computers. I would now be totally confident in applying for any job and have the added bonus of having done the ECDL and First Aid FETAC level 5. I also have a sky-diving certificate and Kayaking skill’s level 1&2 certificate. After spending nearly ten years unemployed I can say with complete honesty that PICES has changed my life.  THANK YOU PICES.

Glenn Gray - Activities & Administration Assistant

‘Since I started working on the Community Employment Scheme last July I have found the whole experience very positive and rewarding. Working in the Local Employment Service office in Monkstown, it gave me the opportunity to put all my skills into practice gaining a tremendous amount of confidence and knowledge.’

Ann Riordan - Administration Assistant


"My time with PICES CE scheme has been fantastic I have gained so many qualifications , experience and confidence that I am now ready to apply for any position knowing I can do it" 

Michelle Mayland - Receptionist / Administration Assistant


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